Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well, It is Finished.....

My BSSM 1st year is now officially over. What an amazing year it has been. So many amazing friends, family and stories made. Radical. Here is a kinda picture journal of the last few days at this amazing place. (The emotion of the situation is so overwhelming, above is all I can say really) I hope you enjoy the picture diary....

From Left, Rebekah Allen, Bill Johnson, Daniel Jones

From Left Chad Dedmon and his wife Julia, Rebekah and Dan

We've been changed from Paupers to Prince's.. Kris Vallotton Center...

Joaquin & Dan

Chris Gore & Dan

Mark Brooke's (1st Year Overseer)

Richard & Dan
The Girls... Rebekah, Laurel & Andrea

The Team... From Left, Bill, Bennie, Dan, Paul, Bonnie, Kris and Kathy

Revivalists School BSSM Graduating Class 1st & 2nd Year 2007....

Spot Dan & Rebekah....

The last 5 days have been amazing... Thanks.


Blogger David said...

love all the pictures from this and previous posts. i finally got transported into the 21st century and am no subscribed to your blog via RSS. I'll miss ya bro!

12:13 PM  

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