Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving, with the Allen family!

What a great time Thanksgiving is. Full of family fun, with lots to see and do!
Above is a photo taken on the actual Thanksgiving day!
Plenty of food as you can see!

(from left, Dan, Rebekah, Duane, Juanita, Steve, Elizabeth, Dave, Angie, Ellen)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What happens when the speaker gets RUSHED?

ARGH!!! School was insane on Friday. Holiday Holy Ghost fever gripped the class, or was it a Holy Ghost Recess? Joaquin Evans was speaking on identity and joy, as he spoke the Holy Spirit (usually does) shifted around the room affecting different areas of the Sanctuary. At one point there was a pool of joy hitting the left hand side of the class. People were getting up and running over to it. Joaquin Evans Revival group leader and speaker that morning was loving it. In the end he got RUSHED by a group of students then everyone piled on in!!! You can make him out in the middle with a red t-shirt and a microphone. Click photo enlarge. This photo was taken with the iSight on my Mac Book Pro. Come On Jesus! This was probably the funniest day at school so far. The worship was amazing and I saw some personal breakthrough in the flag waving department! Yes I waved a flag! All for Jesus! Come On! Jesus!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Marriage of Ministries... Bethel meet Iris?

A marriage needs a diamond for the brides ring. Found after the morning service! Its going to the jewelers tomorrow. It already cuts glass though! Below is a photo from the back of church that shows the number of people who wanted to give personally to Rolland and Heidi. Rebekah and I ventured down toward the end, it was very emtional! I gave a Rolland a Hug and Rebekah hugged Heidi.

Below, Heidi hugs and Rolland looks on at the mass of people wanting to honor them for there commitment and sacrifice around the world.

Below, Bill Johnson looks on as Heidi and Rolland recieve an offering.

Photos above are from tonights blowout meeting I just got back from. Communion, Covenants, Prayer, Worship and probably some miracles...... Woo Hoo...

Sorry for the lack of updates. Ive got my phone rigged up on my laptop now so photos from trips and so on to post coming soon. Hopefully in the next few days there might be some more photos emerging of various things Ive been doing!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Eye Opening Worship... Get it ?

A poor pun I know. But meet the guy who's Eye was literally opened during worship. Sitting a few rows down from us. God sovereignly opened this guys eye, without anyone praying for him! This was an incredible testimony and it got better. Just after this photo was taken, Joaquin (left) prayed for his ear drum to be re-created and it miraculously was. Turns out the guy was in the U.S Embassy in Lebanon in 1983 when it was bombed. He had been deaf in one ear and blind in one eye for 23 years. As you can imagine he freaked and out and started Praising God on his knees as Jesus Healed him. Come on...

The above all took place in the morning service. Rolland and Heidi Baker were in town for the marriage of ministries between Bethel and Iris. The picture above was taken shortly after the guys ear was re-created. It appeared in the meeting.. During tonights service we saw feathers falling documented in above post. Pretty exciting ? eh ?