Saturday, December 30, 2006

Testimony... (2004)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

From Paupers to Princes...

Kris Vallotton, author of The Supernatural Ways of Royalty enters into the ring with a heavy weight, that will encourage, establish and confirm your identity as a royal friend to the King of kings in spectacular fashion. In Kris’s first book he shares much testimony from his youth to modern day, enabling you to grasp the theory derived from experience and revelations God has given him. He exposes that many Christians have become intrenched in a ‘pauper’ mentality and how God is calling us out into the Palace, to receive our ‘royal inheritance, through Christ’s ultimate act of redemption’.

From the outset Kris makes clear that irrespective of denomination, culture, socio-economic group if you call yourself a Christian then you have a royal calling. Moving on, the author lays out ground work, which will produce structure, for formation of information causing transformation, as your thought processes become opened up, to the revelation Kris reveals. Finally he introduces us to ‘ The Authority and Responsibility of Royalty’, an insightful and challenging look at our future as sons and daughters of God, set free from the plight of pauper-hood!

Bill Johnson contributes two solid chapters complementing Kris’s style with a mix of personal experience and sound biblical presidents.

This book will challenge any believer to look at themselves in a new light, the light of Royalty being a princes or princesses of the King. Working primarily on character Kris gives relevant testimonies throughout to where we’ve (all to some extent) been trapped by lies. He offers some heavy hitting truth to what you previously assumed as ‘Christian Life’ suddenly becoming described on the pages. Challenging you to understand and undertake the royal call you have been chosen for, the transformation of nations!

In-hindsight, this book has definitely had a radical impact on the way I behave. Now instead of stumbling on this personal walk with Jesus, for reasons unknown. I recognize in my own life the things written in this book, producing a unique quality. Many books have been written on character, although few incorporate the supernatural as natural and come out in a positive challenging way like The Supernatural Ways of Royalty. An excellent read all.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Parties and Prophectic Words...

Hey folks,

Last Saturday night we hosted a leaving party for Sarah and Natalie. They are BSSM students leaving for Christmas due to there VISA situations. The event turned into a testimony sharing, prophecy giving, worship extravaganza. A great night! Here are some pictures of the night...

The Party Crew...

Ben praying for Mark... And no its not an Angel
above Natalie ( the girl in a pink top).