Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What an incredible journey...

The latest news from Bethel...

Todd Bentleys in town this week, which should be amazing, culminating in a city wide healing crusade. Come on! Last week during outreach on Treasure Hunt we went to the Supermarket and the park, resulting a Healing and prayer needs being met. Pretty cool. Derek and myself prayed for a woman who had fallen out of the 2nd story window of a building and ruined her spine 8 years ago. Shed been in pain and all her back & neck were messed up. So we prayed and the power hit her back and immediately she could move with less pain and so she tested it out and she was more flexible than shed been in years! JESUS was healing a back and neck. We encouraged her with some other prophetic words and so that was pretty cool....

Latest hit lines: 'Has anyone prayed for you yet this week ?'

'I'm a fan of instantaneous, hows it feeling now ?'

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mass Salvations & Rededications

Over 500 hundred people gave there lives to follow and become a friend of Jesus Christ this weekend at the Civic Center. Mario Murillo preached up a storm and there was a mighty harvest. After the service many many healing's and miracles were taking place. I personally saw 2 people get saved and a woman begin to recover from paralysis all down the left side. She began to move her hand then we helped her out of her wheelchair.... (she didnt get completely healed as far as I know. It wasn't instantaneous, but there was a significant level of recovery) It was the first time she could move her left sife in 2 years. She was pretty excited. Meanwhile in the front of the Civic center, cheers were heard as a woman who got saved that night got out of a wheelchair and walked for the first time in 6 years!!!! Come On..... JESUS!

Lots of other exciting things are in the pipeline. Fresh Fire Ministries are down next weekend for another Crusade. This time its City Wide and it HEALING. Come On...

Other testimonies, as followed. This is the report from the last Healing Rooms I was involved with. I know its a bit text heavy but it's worth it.... Enjoy...

Healing Rooms Report for Saturday 1/13/07

What a day! It was another packed waiting room for the Healing
Rooms this last Saturday. I thought it was interesting when so many
people showed up to pray at 8am. I guess God had an idea of what He
was sending our way. At 9 am there were a few people trickling in. By 10am we had
the waiting room packed full. I'm so glad we have people who are
excited to pray for the sick because at one point I thought we might
have to spend the whole day praying. I usually try to find a theme when reporting on the days activity,
but honestly I think this time we had the whole range of sicknesses
and reasons why people came. Of course there was cancers and tumors,
we know God loves to heal those. But there were also, back problems,
damaged legs, arms, eyes, deafness, paralysis of limbs, lung damage,
numbness etc etc. The teams just went after each issue, and God was
rocking people.

At one point I looked around the room and just started laughing. A
woman who earlier had come in with a tank of liquid oxygen was
standing up rejoicing and actually began to dance as she left the
room. Another person was layed out on the floor, another was
laughing as the joy of the Lord came over him, team members were
cheering... it was quite the sight and the sound was anything but
tranquil. Its funny how you can start out praying quietly for Holy
Spirit to come and within minutes its so loud that you have to shout
to be heard. I love that Holy Spirit does healing His own way. Many
of the people we prayed for ended up on the floor as Jesus did the
work himself. Almost all of the people who left, took the joy of the
Lord with them and it was very evident, dancing, laughing, shouting,
clapping, what a party. There were numbers of healings, and so many
who walked... or danced out looked so much better than the way they
came in. That was the overwhelming picture I saw this weekend.
People being touched by God and stepping into an encounter that
changed them.

Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father, and the amazing

team. Thanks to the Artists and Intercessors and Musician who helped
to bring in the atmosphere of heaven.

Tyson Turner Healing Rooms Team Leader

Monday, January 22, 2007

Crusade at Civic Centre 150 + Get Saved...

Dear all,

Sorry for the lack of posts. Our new wireless internet box finally got installed over the weekend after what seemed like an age. What a weekend it was. So many stories to share, for now though I will leave you with this one.

Below is a photo I took on my phone of the Mario Murillo Crusade thats going on in Redding right now. 150+ people got saved last night! WOOOO HOOO. Praise God. To night is going to be a special one off Signs and Wonders Meeting. Should be off the charts.